Terms of use-Customers

Here, at InstaConnect, we believe in keeping our users informed. So, before you open an account with us, we request you to spare a few minutes to go through our company’s terms and conditions, so that there is no room for doubts and discontent. Once you sign up, remember, it implies that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the company and will strictly adhere to the protocol. Since, this is a lawful agreement, so violation of any form might trigger a legal move against the offender, including termination of his account.

a) Who can open an account with us?

Every eighteen year old or above can open an account with InstaConnect. However, please note one thing; you can sign up only if you are agreeing to get into business and legal contracts. Moreover, the account holder should also be capable enough to complete the total process of registration. Once you have opened an account with us, you must strictly follow the terms and conditions applicable.

Once you accept and fulfil the entire aforementioned criterion, your account will be ready with us within a few minutes and you can start using InstaConnect’s services soon after that. However, you must remember that by no means you are allowed to violate our norms or use our services in any sort of prohibited activities.

Please mark one thing, before you start using our services, that InstaConnect can make revisions in these rules and regulations as and when it is required. Modifications can also be made in our service policies and charges, if we feel that it is the need of the hour. However, we take the accountability of informing our esteemed clients regarding any such changes at least ten days before putting them into effect. The mode of communication will be through your recorded e-mail ids. Once you get notified through your registered email id, you can also get in touch with us if you have any queries.

b) Points to remember:

  1. No violation of conventions will be tolerated in any situation. In case the company finds that the user has not complied with the policies mentioned in the agreement, the company can suspend the user’s account even without pursuing him.
  2. You are permitted to open an account on behalf of any enterprise, only under the condition that you have been consigned with the right to agree and abide by our dogmata on behalf of that enterprise.
  3. Our company reserves the right to terminate any account, at any point of time and cannot be held blamable for that.
  4. Our users can also cease using InstaConnect’s services in case they are not interested anymore. In such cases, you can send us an email from your registered id, requesting for the deactivation of your account. This mentioned procedure must be followed conscientiously to avoid any pointless deduction of service fees.
  5. In case InstaConnect sacks your account, it is our obligation to compensate the party with a refund. However, this doesn’t include cases of desecration. Infringement of company’s policies can also lead to discontinuation of our facilities, without any reimbursement from our end and the company cannot be hold guilty for this action.

c) Pricing:

Our website clearly mentions the detailed list of prices for various services that you avail from us. However, it is at the sole discretion of the company to make necessary reforms in the fee structure at any point of time.

Details regarding any such changes will be notified through our main website and the users will be given the option to upgrade on the expiration of their service tenure. We, thus, appeal you to keep an eye on our proclamation section regularly to remain up-to-date about any such variation in our subscription / plan/ package charges.

d) Rights:

  1. Proprietary Rights Reserved for InstaConnect:

InstaConnect request its patrons to kindly stick to the brand’s guiding principles before they start using our services. You must also respect the proprietary information provided on InstaConnect’s website and the software that we use to offer our services to our revered clienteles. By this we refer to trademarks, patents and also copyrights.

  1. Proprietary rights owned by Clients:

Our clients are permitted to upload only those information or materials that they have complete ownership of. We, at no cost allow uploading of any harmful or illicit content on our website.

Terms of use- Associates

How to apply as distributor of InstaConnect?

– You can contact our representative by call at 00973 33663959 or mail us at mail@InstaConnect.me.

How distributorship scheme works?

– You have to submit all your details and once your details are verified, you will be alloted a user ID and password for login to our distributor panel. In the distributor panel, you can add any customer. Once the customer purchase any plan you will get the commission instant. You can even track a customer and your commission amount.

How much commission will I get?

– You will get commission against each purchase made by your customers’ lifetime.

Who can be your customer?

– Anyone can be your customer. Anyone who owns or needs a printed business card is your customer. It can be a freelancer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a influencer, a YouTuber, a lawyer, a photographer, a shopkeeper, a digital marketer, etc.

Why should I be distributor rather than creating my own digital business card website?

– For creating such type of a platform requires huge investment and time. You have to invest not only for developing the platform, but also need to invest on marketing. You can be our distributor free of cost. You don’t have to pay any advance amount. You will be paid once any of your customer made a purchase. Without any hassle or pre investment you can earn as much as you want.

How will I get paid?

– We will be paid by you. You can deduct your commission from the amount received and need to transfer only the balance amount to us.

How will I pay?

– You can pay by either BenefitPay or transfer / deposit to our bank account.